Day 4 - Find your keys with the Ebyta

At last we have a device with multiple functions that solves problems using anti-lost alarm function, protect your keys from loss of theft. It also gives a last seen pin-drop via an app to help one find one’s keys and search one’s car in a parking lot. 

Locating lost items like keys or a phone can be as simple as pressing a button on the phone app or device which will send a ringing sound to your phone until you locate your phone. It also traces where you last left your item to the nearest street giving you the signal strength as you get closer to it. 

It is designed to be lightweight and compact in size.

It serves as a keyring because it is small and portable

It has a low energy consumption

You may also be pleased to see that there is an alarm function available through pairing the device with the smart device app. This alarm is meant to alert you when your phone and E-Byta lose their connection.


It's other brilliant features include the remote control functions where can remote control the device camera & voice recording on one’s phone by a press of a button. You can take beautiful wide angle selfies from a front or rear facing cameras. It also functions as a remote controlled shutter for self-portrait thus easily capture the happiest moments.

Keeping Your Valuable Keys Safe And Within Your Range. 


We hope that it never comes to it! But, if you ever find yourself locked without your keys remember you  can Call JFK Locksmiths on Telephone 0203 3229180