Day 3 - TrackR the key tracker


Imagine losing your car keys on holiday a beach in a foreign country, and you have no spares.This challenging experience is what inspired the founders of TtrackR to come up with this useful device. TrackR is a commercial key finder for finding lost devices.

The device contains a lithium battery that needs to be changed at least once a year by the user Communication of the device’s current location made through Bluetooth 4.0 to an iOS 8.0 or Android 4.4 smartphone or tablet with a TrackR App installed. And running this feature is referred to as crowd locate since the device will report the location to any and all TrackR or devices in range including those that are owned or registered by the user is installed on a nearby Bluetooth enabled device the location cannot be relayed.

To find any item  that a TrackR is linked to simply press the app’s sound alarm button and the tag  produces a high pitched sound which makes it easy to locate. As an alternative, if one was to press the reset button on the TrackR and the app is running, one’s phone will ring.

Obviously if one lost both their phone and their trackr tag it would be a problem but since the app can track as many as 10 tags at the same time one could always attach the trackr to the refrigerator in order to track items. 

The TrackR app comes with a geo-location that tags the items so you know where you last left whatever it is you have lost and if you totally lost it or it is stolen the TrackR community is alerted. If another user walks by your item, you get to be updated with the item’s latest location. Crowd-sourced tracking… Brilliance.

TrackR key Finders coming to variations. The first one is the TrackR pixel and the other is a TrackR Bravo. The difference between these two variations is the diameter and the width. 

TrackR bravo has a wider diameter and TrackR Pixel is a slightly thicker size. TrackR Pixel has a higher decibel alarm of 90 versus TrackR Bravo is at 82.

We hope that it never comes to it! But, if you ever find yourself locked without your keys remember you  can Call JFK Locksmiths on Telephone 0203 3229180

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